SBC Small Business Development Course

Beverlee Rasmussen · July 29, 2021


You have built and continue to run a strong business in exceptional times. The challenges you are facing are typical of a passionate and busy entrepreneur and can be resolved.

Work directly on your business by following this five-month, step-by-step, business development roadmap with online weekly coach-led, interactive classes. Each week you will gain greater insights and control over your business results including achieving goals, increasing your revenue, having happier customers, more productive employees, an organized business, and increased confidence in your leadership.

Set up your business for success and build strong foundations for all areas of business: Leadership, Operations, Finance, HR (Team), and Marketing & Sales. Become organized, profitable and free.

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Program Roadmap

Client Stories

“The Systems Business Coach program gave me a lot of clarity. It was the revelation that I needed to identify the elements of my business that needed to be cleaned up. Post-coaching, I took new approaches to interacting with clients. The concept of systematizing my process was the best take-away. The program has felt like it set me on a new course towards my goals: making more personal time in my life, and learning to work smarter, not longer.” – Shawn D

“I feel like our company is more organized, which will be essential if we continue growing at 100% each year. I have a better overall view of the organization, which helps me guide my team” – Barry S

“What have I found most useful? If I could only choose one, I’d say the tools including checklists and templates. Significant impact on my life? To know you have someone who believes in you, your business and your abilities. So much of business is believing in yourself and there are times where having someone who sparks a fire or cheerleads at the right time is all I need to keep myself moving in the right direction.”” – Wendy J



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