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Beverlee · July 29, 2021


Ready to get Organized and Profitable® Now!

Dear Small Business Owner,

Do you wish you could break free from day to day operations?

Earn consistent profit so you can pay yourself what you deserve?

Systematize your business so you can sell this thing one day?

With a little help, you can own the business you’ve dreamed of.

Organized & Profitable®️ – Business School for Busy Entrepreneurs is a 5-month small business development program built to help you achieve the freedom that motivated you to start your business in the first place.

What do you really want from your business?


Have you ever..

  • Been frustrated with your staff?
  • Wanted to take a vacation without your business falling apart while you are gone?
  • Not had enough money in the bank to pay your bills?
  • Thought that running a business should not be this hard?

If you have, you are not alone. Most small business owners have the same experience. You want to grow and be successful, you know there has to be a way to make this work.

What if you could structure your business in a way that brings you prosperity and allows you the freedom to create the life that you want?

Yes, I’m Ready to Be Organized & Profitable®!

Program Roadmap

You, 5 Months from Now:

  • Feeling inspired to do your best every day
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to grow your business
  • Achieving meaningful goals like clockwork
  • Having the confidence to make tough decisions
  • Aligning your business practices with your values
  • Never “managing” people again
  • Building systems that free up your schedule (and your head space)
  • Operating your business efficiently while generating more profit
  • Paying yourself like you deserve
  • Taking care of yourself today and every day
  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Enjoying better health, less stress, and a company you are proud to call your own

A System for Everything: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Hiring, and More!


Take Control of Your Business and Create Financial Freedom on Your Schedule

This course starts the first Monday of each Month and runs for 20 weeks. In week one you will meet your instructor for a 60 minute orientation to review a learning plan that works for you and your busy schedule. Together, schedule an additional 8 sessions to get the exact help you need, when you need it as you progress through the training.

Instructors for this program include:

Client Stories

“The Systems Business Coach program gave me a lot of clarity. It was the revelation that I needed to identify the elements of my business that needed to be cleaned up. Post-coaching, I took new approaches to interacting with clients. The concept of systematizing my process was the best take-away. The program has felt like it set me on a new course towards my goals: making more personal time in my life, and learning to work smarter, not longer.” – Shawn D

“I feel like our company is more organized, which will be essential if we continue growing at 100% each year. I have a better overall view of the organization, which helps me guide my team” – Barry S

“What have I found most useful? If I could only choose one, I’d say the tools including checklists and templates. Significant impact on my life? To know you have someone who believes in you, your business and your abilities. So much of business is believing in yourself and there are times where having someone who sparks a fire or cheerleads at the right time is all I need to keep myself moving in the right direction.”” – Wendy J


Participants need to purchase a copy of  The Small Business Field Guide , your textbook with all the worksheets, calculators and samples you need to complete the training and in turn strengthen your business.

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This course will change the way you view small business management. Discover the tools, strategies and systems you need to run and organized and profitable business. Strengthen your company in every way with this small business development program!

Take our Small Business Development training program today!


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