The Small Business Field Guide


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Your Business, Systematized:

Turn Chaos into Calm with your first few systems

  • You can give up your role as the constant go-to person for answers
  • Empowering employees to solve their own problems
  • Freeing yourself from the confines of a job

Documenting critical systems so there is no more guesswork

  • Following a blueprint for success in every department
  • Completing your company operations manual—worth up to $50,000
  • Making expectations and processes clear
  • Reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction

Structuring things the way you want them to be

  • Building a company you can sell one day
  • Enjoying the free time you’ve dreamed of since day one




You will LOVE this book…..

You, only a few Months from Now:

Feeling inspired to do your best every day

Taking advantage of opportunities to grow your business

Achieving meaningful goals like clockwork

Having the confidence to make tough decisions

Aligning your business practices with your values

Never “managing” people again

Building systems that free up your schedule (and your head space)

Operating your business efficiently while generating more profit

Paying yourself like you deserve

Taking care of yourself today and every day

Spending quality time with your family

Enjoying better health, less stress, and a company you are proud to call your own

You’ve got this. Over 10,000 hours went into the development of this Small Business Field Guide. There is nothing like it anywhere that so completely focuses on the exact systems a small business owner needs.   Now it is in YOUR hands and you too can begin the process of becoming Organized and Profitable®