The Path Forward for Small Business Owners


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This pandemic won’t hold you back anymore. It’s time to grow your income and your business.

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The Path Forward is a 10 week online course led by a Systems Business Coach® professional instructor. Learn through a blend of weekly 1-on-1 check-ins, interactive group sessions and discussion forums.

Our courses are based on the five core elements of business: Leadership, Operations, Marketing, Team and Finance.

During this course, you’ll gain the tools, strategies, and insights to:


  • Use your time for increased efficiency and profitability in your business.
  • Break down the specific actions needed to reach your goals and create a concrete plan to achieve them.
  • Use your core values to shape your business into a place you are excited to go to every day.


  • Tackle business frustrations by integrating new strategies and come out with long-term solutions.
  • Understand what a system is and why it matters. Develop and update your systems to get the results you want, not the results you have.


  • Set your products up in new ways to sell successfully in the Covid market. Make your products more accessible so that your ideal clients want to buy from you.


  • Create a self care plan for you and your employees. Understand how health affects your business outcomes.
  • Create and sustain energy and motivation


  • Discover the truth about profit and engage on a path toward a steady cash flow
  • Develop a cash savings plan and a safety net against debt.

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