• James Flawith

    September 28, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    Hey Guys,

    Ok, since I lack the ability to sleep until I figure out a problem (and this is a fun problem!) I took this a bit farther.

    In order to determine if this is a good idea, I wanted to take a look at what the numbers would be like if we hit our high target (18% profit margin) and used Precision’s estimated revenue, expenses and anticipated payroll for a year. I’m pretty happy with the numbers but everybody thinks their baby is the cutest in the world so this is where I need some help.

    Here’s a second Google Sheet which shows my estimates, including the actual cost of profit sharing using the Precision GGOB formulas in the post above. I enabled editing in the GSheet but it’d probably be better if you downloaded it in Excel to tweak the numbers for yourselves. Ya, go on, download it and plug in your own numbers to see what this would look like for your company. Sweet, eh?


    Lemme know what you think. Don’t hold back!