• Freda

    October 2, 2018 at 7:43 am

    Hey James Always great to hear you speak so passionately about your business and new systems.   Here is my humble opinion…

    Some questions:

    1. What do you think about this, does it make sense?  —>>> yes it does

    2. Would I be crazy to implement this in my company? —>>> I don’t think so. You should see some serious performance awareness/improvements.  (Many many farmers implemented these systems in South Africa when it was hard to motivate workers and union workers were just not performing – this was back the late 90s – I did not go look it up again,  but I think they had a systems that measured individuals or teams in some cases if I remember correctly.  ( sadly today SA is a different story)   I remember hearing a farmer reporting that not only did the performance/awareness change at work, even the workers families reported happier home lives.  it will change your company’s culture. This is exciting.

    3. Do you think this is an accurate interpretation of the “Skip the Praise, Give us the Raise” ((<<–love this line))  bonus system described in GGOB?  —>>> I think it is

    3. People should be paid wages in line with the industry average for industry performance. It is imperative to keep payroll costs down to keep jobs secure in tough times. When times are good and employees perform above industry standards, they should be rewarded with a “stake in the game.” In other words, above industry performance equals above industry pay. Discuss.  —->> brilliant idea. One day when I am big, I would really consider this. I think it would make you stand out from your competitors in the job market.


    Good luck