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  • Beth

    January 29, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    Here are my 2019 Goals:

    1. Create a coaching funnel and get it up and running (Created. Up. Not Running.)
      1. Outlined a funnel and pricing for each component (Free/email signup, Buy workbook, Join Group, Purchase individual coaching)
      2. Wrote and posted copy for a landing page. (Installed affiliate software as well)
      3. Promote funnel to other transplant community leaders (kind of flopped – needs work. They can be affiliates and get a % via sharing with their networks)
      4. Promote via social media and Rogue Reporter (monthly newsletter) – ongoing. needs to kick into a higher gear.
      5. Get on top of SoMe – holy cow. not yet complete. (or started, really)
    2. Work through telling my story and get it out there. (In progress. 2 blog posts/10 up. Need SoMe marketing procedure written)
      1. Listen to complete ‘Why We Revolt’ audiobook (in progress – have completed first half #ExceptionalCare, #UnintentionalCruelty, #Blur, #Greed, #TreatmentBurden)
      2. Outline basic structure for blog posts including main points from each chapter and hashtags (doing this as I listen, so half-way done)
      3. Write one blog post per chapter idea – done for #ExceptionalCare, #UnintentionalCruelty
      4. Publish and promote – published #ExceptionalCare – need to develop a ‘Promote’ procedure
      5. Create a procedure for ongoing SoMe promotion of older blog posts
    3. Develop a story-telling course and get it out there. (See #2 – using framework from #WhyWeRevolt by Victor Montori, MD)
      1. Continue with Goal #2 until complete – posts have also been shared by Victor Montori, PatientRevolution and HeartSisters (local Heart Disease advocate) on Twitter.
      2. Use the ‘Why We Revolt’ structure and what I learned carrying out Goal 2 to develop the structured course.
      3. Create a marketing funnel for this stand-alone course
      4. Use procedures from Goal 1 to complete this task.
      5. Promote this stand-alone course to transplant clinics in Canada (I have a list as part of our business plan – need to start finding individual people to connect with.)

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