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  • Fatima Zaidi

    February 22, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Build strong foundation for my business to create a business that is profitable and self sustaining by the end of the year.

    – Put in right structures in place and automate as much as possible

    – Outsource work that requires administrative and technical skills

    – Find paying clients that value my services and charge what the services (and their results) are worth

    – Build partnerships in the community

    Create valuable content on various platforms to establish myself as an authority figure and credible source of information in my field.

    – Social Media

    – Online Courses

    – Writing a book / e-book

    – Host workshops, events, conferences, etc.

    Learn to manage business accounting and finances

    – keep low overhead costs

    – set marketing budget

    – understand client acquisition cost and set up a referral or affiliate program

    – Get out of bad debt