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  • Beverlee Rasmussen

    February 24, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks everyone for participating in the January 2019 Business Challenge Contest.  And thank you for allowing me a break last week. While you were busy posting I was taking action on one of my goals to travel in 2019 and  enjoyed ever minute of our Jamaica Vacation.


    Most of you have heard me rave about the online hiring site called Upwork.  We chose Jamaica because one of my Upwork contractors Joanalee lives there and this made this experience exceptional.  Meeting online contractors is proving to be a personally rich and rewarding experience.   Another Upwork contractor visited our home last summer and through that relationship I have been able to have a positive influence on democracy in Nigeria (for real, made me cry)

    Anyway, back on Goals.

    I’m going to award Beth with the January prize for posting first.   Beth’s company has evolved over the years that I have known her and one thing has stayed constant; her desire to make life better for others.

    I will be sending Beth two movie tickets so that she and Tony can enjoy a night out.  Oh, and I just looked in my pile of prizes and found a Whitespot gift card to throw in.

    Thanks everyone for helping me get this community going. I built it for YOU and am grateful to be able to stay in touch in this meaningful way.!  I’m still working out some of the bugs but have been sitting on this thing for 8 months and thought a few bugs are better than not launching.

    Congrats Beth!