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  • brittanyhardy

    March 3, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    So aweome to see people jumping in on this challenge. The biggest struggle our clients face with social media is just setting aside the time to pre-plan. That’s why we created our webinar so that we could show people how we do our content each week… it’s our ‘1. write 2. design 2. schedule’ strategy. Once you have a theme for each day etc it becomes much easier to come up with content. Making it look pretty and branded is secondary after getting a handle on what to post and when.

    For those looking to track progress and save time scheduling content there’s some great tools for that as well! We use socialreport.com to schedule all of our content and even interact with our audience all from ONE dahsboard for 10+ social media channels for our company. We use this for clients as well and it’s excellent! The reporting is also second to none and you won’t have to do anything manual at all. I used to spend HOURS each month creating reports for our clients but socialreport does it all for us. Worth checking out. The accouns start at 50/month (USD). That account would be mroe than enough for anyone managing their own businesses’ social media. We use the largest package but only because we need to connect all of our clients to their own projects.


    Beverlee – if you wanted me to run a free webinar just for Organized and Profitable peeps I’d be more than happy to! We could share some ideas and create some templates for everyone 🙂