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  • Beth

    March 9, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    Things are still shifting so quickly!

    I thought I’d try posting more images on SoMe to get people more engaged – but we don’t lead very exciting lives and we really needed to have something tangible to sell people who are engaged.

    One of the things Beverlee had suggested during Office Hours was that I get our workbook for transplant patients and family caregivers looking more professional and uploaded to Amazon. I’ve also been working through setting up a more consistent blog posting procedure using a book that is very similar to Brittany’s method!

    It’s been a busy week for me getting some of these information resources ‘out there’ – but guess what? It’s content for social media that people are engaging with! No pictures of us sitting around needed. The blog post is done, and our workbook is in the process of being propagated on Amazon and iTunes Books. A print version will be available and we can sell the PDF file directly on our site as well.

    On Monday, my blog post writing process restarts – with a Thursday publish date. This is the SoMe engagement work I will focus on for March so that I begin to be more consistent with our blog.

    I still have some ‘tweaking’ to do on our website in order to move towards marketing these things more fully – but they are the foundation of our ‘funnel’. The blog post ends in a call-to-action/squeeze form for people to grab a free download, and for now we’ll be selling the book in print/digital formats. I will next work on using the book as a tool to help me get in-person workshop bookings from which I can create online learning modules to support an online paid support/education group and then promote 1-on-1 coaching for patients and families trying to navigate the healthcare system.

    Amazon offers the option to mark your ebook down to FREE for a period of 3 days, so I’ll be pushing free downloads from Amazon in the next week or two. It helps ‘sales’ numbers and allows me to get some reviews.

    So, lots of content for my SoMe push in March.