Blueprint for Success: Business Plan Creation Course

This small business course shows you the fastest way to develop an effective business plan on your own.

Work to develop a go-to-market plan so that you can sell your idea to investors and banks, as well as apply for funding, leases and other essential small business start-up opportunities.

Course Overview

The program is designed to develop a go-to market plan so that small business owners can sell their business ideas to investors and banks, as well as apply for funding, leases, and other essential small business start-up opportunities.

We focus on teaching and integrating core business principles during instruction time for excellent accountability and results.

By engaging in this process, entrepreneurs strengthen their understanding of how business works and creates a viable plan based on facts.

Develop a go-to-market business plan at your own pace!

The Business Plan Creation program includes internal business analyses, market research, financial calculations and written plans for all areas of your business. 





Program Roadmap

Module 1 -
Start with WHY

Reflect on your business, your values, your vision, your mission and the product that you are going to put on the market.

Share ‘Why this business now?’ to connect with and sell to you audience

Module 2 -

Gather data to defend your business plan.

Examine the market, external factors, and internal factors that affect your business through several analyses.

Module 3 -
The Plan

Write your business plan from start to finish.

Use templates, tools and calculators to organize and layout your plan in an official document.

Module 4 -
Pull It All Together

Review and add final edits to your plan.

Share your business plan with the world!

Client Stories

Resources Included in the course

Digital copy of 375-page, Full-colour Workbook

Customizable Business Plan Template

Analysis and Calculation Spreadsheets

Comprehensive Business Assessment

Online community dashboard

Sign up today and build a successful business plan!

We are committed to helping you create a go-to market plan so you can sell your business idea to investors and banks and watch your vision come to life! This business plan course and all it’s resources are the foundations you need to build and organized and profitable business.