• James Flawith

    February 10, 2019 at 7:38 am

    2nd update: I had to temporarily pause work on the Confluence project with VA Michael because I spent all our money. It’s a long story and to make it short, the contract is back on but I’m taking baby steps.

    Short term goal: Reduce the feedback loop time on employee performance to as close to real time as possible. Achieve this by setting up an “Employee Hub” using Confluence and some integrations. Create a private page as a tool for each employee to house/access their certificates and licenses, current position agreement and skill development journal. Materials for discussion and review will be posted to an open/shared company-wide monthly meeting page. At our monthly meeting, we will review all posts/comments to the page from the previous month, review previous goals/set new goals, measure performance, etc.

    Long Term Goal: Use Confluence to eliminate our stale, paper-based OHS Program. Convert to cloud, enable editing and commenting in real time. Create an entirely digital service-based company.